Friday, March 18, 2005

(Pubic) Hair Apparent

Found at South Africa's Mail and Gaurdian Online Daily:

When highlighting hair in a salon a person is required to wear a rubber cap with small holes through which tufts of hair are pulled and then bleached.

This novel idea enables a person to highlight tufts of pubic hair in a similar fashion by making use of a new panty design.

The panty comprises a triangular sheet of liquid impervious plastic that is secured by means of a waistband and a G-string over the pubic area.

The plastic sheet lies closely to the skin area and forms a protective barrier over the pubic hair. The sheet is formed with a plurality of small holes through which tufts of underlying pubic hair can be pulled with a hooked needle, typically used in hair salons.

Once the isolated tufts of pubic hair has been sufficiently bleached, the chemicals are rinsed off and the highlight panty removed.


The South Africans are light years ahead of us in pubic styling. Something must be done. Yet, despite my outrage of this snatch-dye-gap, I’m looking forward to next week’s article on extensions and braiding.

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