Friday, January 25, 2008

Smoking Update

It's been over two weeks since I started my smoking experiment; here's the breakdown:

I went a full week without smoking (as planned) and then decided that I didn't want to quit, but really wanted to cut down drastically on my smoking.
Before this, I'd smoke about 30 to 40 cigarettes every day. I decided that I'd like to get that down to 5 to 10 every day.
In the 9 days since I've started back up I've smoked two packs (40 cigarettes).
Within that time span, I've been out drinking 4 of those nights and attended the Chili Solstice (smokin' galore). I think that's pretty damned good.

I'll be happy if I can keep this up and keep the smoking trips outdoors to a minimum. Plus, It'll be nice if I don't feel compelled to cut out what I'm doing for a needed nicotine fix.
I think that this is the best of both the worlds.

Now I just have to find a connection for fine smokeables outside of Illinois that aren't those damned Safety Cigarettes.


Chris B. said...

Try American Spirit full strength. They last a long time and you feel like you smoked half a pack after just one. Plus, they cost a lot, so between that and the cold weather, you have plenty of deterrent.

bigsoda said...

And, please leave a detailed description of what it was like to smoke it... Miss you, smoking!