Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Ron Ashton - 1948-2009

One of the all-time great guitarists, Ron Asheton, was found dead today in his Ann Arbor home. He (along with Fred "Sonic Smith" of MC5 --also dead--) created the signature "punk guitar sound" back in the 1960's. There wasn't another living guitarist that had as significant of an impact on the modern music scene as Ashton.
I was lucky enough to catch him play a couple of shows out on the east coast - One with J. Mascis & Mike Watt, and one of the Stooges reunion shows. Both were amazing.
He'll be missed.


Chris B. said...

So what's up? Did the Obama election actually explode your head? Are you so put off by the death of Ashton that you're speechless? Are you in a sports coma?

matt campbell you dick said...

you still datin that hooker from bayonne new jersey?