Friday, April 06, 2007

Iggy and the Stooges 4/5/07 @ 9:30 Club, DC

Okay, Here's the Deal:
I'm going to preface this with stating that The Stooges are one of the 5 greatest bands off all time, and that they pretty much co-founded the Punk movement back in the 60's (along with The MC5). The Ramones got together because they were all Stooges fans - 'nuff said.
These guys are fucking legends. Even the 'replacement' bassist, Mike Watt (Minutemen, fIREHOSE), is a fucking legend in his own right.

Which is why it's a total mystery that they managed to score two of the shittiest opening bands I've ever had the displeasure of sitting through. I would wager that almost any punk or indie-rock band out there would fucking KILL for that opening spot. They could have gotten a big act like Rancid to open for christ's sake. For my money, an old UK 'reunion' band like Stiff Little Fingers, The Business, or The Buzzcocks would have been the perfect fit. Instead we get some tone-deaf girl band and some crappy glam-upstart NY Dolls rip-off. Fuck, They probably could have gotten the actual New York Dolls to open if they asked nice. Whatever.

The Stooges took the stage at midnight and TORE IT UP. Totally impressive set.
Since I'm a little bitch, I'm just going to nag on the one thing that annoyed the hell out of me. They didn't play 'Search and Destroy' or a few of my other favorites, but they played 'I Wanna Be Your Dog' twice. What the fuck? Reprise my ass.

For as awesome as the band was, the crowd seriously sucked. Any sold-out show is gonna test my nerve, but there were a few instances where I was damn-near going into 'bloodbath' mode. Here's a little tip: If you're a 5'5" frat-boy-lookin' mother-fucker, quit trying to push the pissed off looking 6'1" heavily-tattooed guy out of the way. You will get tossed - Again. Then you will get beat.
The Girl and I spent the show with our backs planted firmly against a pillar half-way along the side of the venue. Partway into the set some patchouli-soaked hippie and his lard-assed girlfriend managed to wedge themselves into the foot-wide gap between us and the crowd in front of us. That dirty cocksucker kept backing up until his ass was literally pressed against my crotch. I did the only thing I could think of - next time he tried to scoot further back into me I jammed my thumb straight up into his ass. He jumped around and I gave him the 'move or die' look - we never saw 'em again. A little later, some really tall drunk girl started to grind into me from the other side. That I didn't mind so much.
Fucking people.

All I want is to go out and see a show where I don't end up with a load of pilfered dirt, or my thumb up some hippie's ass. Is that too much to ask?


edP said...

Yes, that is too much to ass.

edP said...

Thanks to your post from the other night I broke out some Bakesale...I'm still not sure what rebound is about but I am sure that it is still awesome

DC Liar said...

Ed, Here's a quick primer: Almost every Sebadoh song is either about pot or a girl.
I'm pretty sure 'Rebound' is about both.

'Magnet's Coil' off of Bakesale is the greatest dysfunctional relationship song of all-time. I fucking love that song.

Chris B. said...

At the Bog show in the Otto's Underground last week, two tall assholes took up the only spot (there was plenty of floorspace elsewhere) between me and the stage. We got up and stood directly in front of them. I pretended to be taking pictures but then put my camera away and stayed there.

Also, the Metro (Chicago) no longer allows smoking which is really weird. The good part is that I didn't smell like rancid smoke the next day. The bad part is the endless stream of idiots missing whole songs (then trying to get back to their "spot") to run outside for a smoke.

Michael K said...

Had a similar experience at the Pixies show a few years back. Half the assholes there were there because they were entertaining clients or some other corporate bullshit. Only song they wanted to hear was "Where is my mind?" cuz it was on the Fight Club soundtrack. When they played my favorite tune (Dig For Fire) some asshole next to me started shouting into his cell phone 3 inches away from my face. I popped him in the nuts and felt totally fine about it.

Are you really 6',1"? Never realized you were that tall.

DC Liar said...

I'm 6 foot tall, but had on my thick-soled Grinders.
Actually, those things add about 2" - I just split the difference.