Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Voting For Winners Is For Losers

Part of my timing in going back to DC when I did was so that I could vote in the Maryland primary today. It didn't help that less than 12 hours after I landed at BWI my preferred candidate dropped out of the race.
The golden lining: I got to vote with my heart rather than my brain.
I'm officially a proud Ron Paul voter. Granted, he's a total nut-job, but he's my kind of total nut-job. I fucking love the nut-jobs. Keep in mind that I'm possibly the only registered Republican who voted for Ralph Nader in 2000 and 2004 - both times out of spite.
Back in 2000 I was crushed that we got Bush II instead of Powell or McCain, and I sure as shit wasn't gonna cast a vote that would make PMRC Tipper the first lady.
In 2004 I was fed-up with G-Dub and appalled at the ineptitude of the Kerry campaign. I voted for Ralph just to egg him on.

This year I really liked Romney. I felt that he alone had the wherewithal to clean up the huge fucking mess that Georgie the second has left this nation in. I wasn't thrilled at his pandering to the right-wing (not that it did him a bit of good), but was convinced that he'd go back into Massachusetts Governor mode just in time for the general election.
Rev. God-boy Huckster blew that all to hell - Just like those twisters blew the hell out of the Super-Tuesday states he carried.
Holy shit; God is a Mormon - Who knew?

Anyway... I sorta like McCain, but I think that he's the wrong guy at the wrong time for the nation. I have a load of respect for Hillary, but I'm not excited by any means. And don't even get me started on Obama unless you get a six-pack in me and sign a release-waiver.
I hear that Nader's planning on running again this year - He just might get my "fuck you" vote for the 3rd presidential election in a row.

That should be good for a laugh.


Chris B. said...

Ha! I almost voted for Nader once, but when they couldn't find my gal's registration card at the polling place, I went her way instead.

edP said...

Is there a beer that Nader would object to you drinking?