Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Mania: An irrational but irresistible motive for a belief or action.There's a lot of noise in the media about the three Abercrombie dudes standing behind Obama durring his Pennsylvania concession speech in Indiana. I really don't think that it was staged. I watched that speech live on MSNBC, and as I was watching it unfold live I had two thoughts:
a) Yup, that's fucking Indiana.
b) Yup, those are Obama supporters.
Wake up - THAT'S HIS BASE!
Senator Obama has become the 'livestrong' bracelet/pink ribbon/labradoodle of 2008. He's become a mall-culture messiah of the vapid masses. He's the black friend for everyone who wouldn't be caught dead in a black neighborhood. He's the hot new icon for the Abercrombie generation - All style, zero substance - A cotton-candy fart wrapped in the hopes and dreams of every American Idol superfan. He's the Che Guevara that you can bring home to grandma - A gen-u-wine black guy raised by god-fearing Kansas white-folk.
It would be offensive if it weren't so god-damned ironic.

I worked with Obama's Senate office on several issues back in DC. They were fucking useless unless you had media coverage, or got Durbin's office to do all of the heavy-work. Clinton's office wasn't much better, but were dependable on several assorted issues. McCain's office was highly-accessible, but always managed to torpedo everything you were asking for in mark-up.
From my experience, I'm not wild about any of 'em, but at least the other two had the courtesy to pretend that they gave a shit about the legislative process.
I have two friends working on the Obama campaign right now; one is a good friend in a very high position. I love her, but I'm just not buying "the cause". I'm also not buying Croc clogs, the new Counting Crows CD, or recycled cruelty-free toilet tissue. That must just be me.

I'm not saying that he's any worse than the other two ass-clowns running for president, but there's no reason to think that he's any better. You just think he is because everyone in your inspirational book-club tells you so.
Do the fucking homework, people! The last time everyone voted with their hearts rather than their brains for a way-under-qualified pseudo-politician we got stuck with Bush II (TWICE!!!), and we all know how well that worked out for all of us.
Regardless, the American people are gonna head back into the voting booths in about six months and pick the next President of the United States of America.
God help us all.


Chris B. said...

If they paid for the Fitch boys, they got robbed, because the dude on the left spent half the time giggling on his cell phone. I saw it on the news. (TV said that.)

For the record, I am not vapid. (Does this giant belly make me look fat?)

DC Liar said...

I love you Mr. Chris. You're not alone - Pretty much all of my friends are on the Obama wagon (and I love you all). It just irks me to see Obama made into a cause rather than a politician.
Obviously, spending the last 8 years entrenched in DC dealing with politics on a daily basis has left me callous and bitter. I'll leave the "hope" for cancer wards and casinos.

Prairie Dawg said...

He's the cure for what ails ya!

I'm on line to blow 'Bama after I'm done with Rex. Should be sometime this fall.

Meat Head said...

If anything else it seems that Obama and McCain will at least mix it up.

Hilrod will to me seems same ol shit different prez.

We are going on 16 years of ass clowns. If we don't find at least one decent prez soon we should give up.

Get us one of those kick ass dictators that seem to be the rage in poorer countries. Accourding to the doom and gloom media that is where we are heading anyway.

CB (Does this giant belly make me look fat?)
No your face does.

Practice makes perfect you should start charging for those BJ's.

Prairie Dawg said...

You're right, I better call a moratorium on bjs until I know what I'm doing. at this rate I'll end up like Rod Stewart backstage in the 70s...

edP said...

This is beautiful:

"I'm not saying that he's any worse than the other two ass-clowns running for president, but there's no reason to think that he's any better."

We've talked about this before (mostly in bars where I do my best thinking, not on the internets since I am concentrating more on porn in the other window) but bare with me for a moment...


He and g-Bushy are very similar. Bush cut an image (without much substance getting in the way) that appealed to several groups of Americans.

Sen. Obama is the ass-clown that cuts the image that ass-clowns like me would want to call presidential.

He is our ass-clown.

From a practical, political point of view (and maybe this explains part of your response to Chris) he did not engage in much political behavior (responsible or otherwise) in his brief time in the Senate because he and his people...


...saw a chance for their guy to run for president. And you and I both know after rising from the wreckages of two stupid victories (mostly lucked into) and making the speech at the 2000 Convention anybody working for Senator O was advising him "Do nothing and hope for the best."

See there's your hope.

Regarding this:

"It just irks me to see Obama made into a cause rather than a politician."

See, you are the optimistic one and I am the callous and bitter prick because I think most "causes" perceived as real are merely politics in fantastic disguises.

Callous, bitter and insightful, no wonder Kimberly Jo loves me.

Seriously, the McCain health care plan makes far more sense to me and my family than anything BO or Klinton are proposing. I think I have become like the poor fucking West Virginia dumbasses that liberals (including Obama) could never explain...

"Why do these poor dumb fucks vote for Republicans when it is not in their economic interest to do so?!?!?"

Sadly perceived values and image aren't just the most important things in picking a presidential candidates for most Americans (me included)...

They are the only things.

DC Liar said...

Yeah. It's like saying that your favorite baseball player is the guy that never swings at anything, but somehow ends up with a decent on-base percentage due to drawing a fluky amount of base-on-balls.

edP said...

Now you're getting serious. We are finding out that OBP tells us a lot more about a player than batting average. Tell 'em Santi!