Monday, May 05, 2008

An Open Letter to Senator Hillary Clinton

Senator Clinton,

Please refrain from using any further "Rocky" comparisons. You are not a half-retarded Philly street fighter. Plus, if you had bothered to watch the film, you'd know that at the end of the film Rocky loses in a split-decision to the charismatic, media obsessed, black man. Seriously.
That kind simplistic comparison may fly in Pennsylvania where the populous is too busy booing at professional sporting events to even bother to remember the names of their children, but the rest of the nation is giggling behind your back. It really is some funny shit.
If you feel some driving need to compare yourself to a specific character portrayed by Sylvester Stalone (who, by the way, has already endorsed McCain), I'd recommend Marion Cobretti, Lincoln Hawk, or Judge Dread.

Yours in Christ,
The Liar


edP said...

I am da law!

Chris B. said...

I'm giggling at work right now.

edP said...

Because she is the law?

The Old Dog said...

Can I vote for the boxing bear?