Monday, August 06, 2007

Headin' West (With a Vengeance)

Tomorrow I'll be heading back to the heartland in yet another attempt to clog up the nation's arteries and induce severe national cardiac failure. Okay, I'm just going to be towing a trailer full of crap up to western Wisconsin for the parents, but I still like my made-up reason better.
If I can make it back in one shot I may have a free afternoon on Wednesday. There's a decent chance that I'll be out on Friday. But for damn sure:
I expect the D-Town drinkin' brigade to be out in force. Carve it in stone, bitches.


The Old Dog said...

Oh, crap!

edP said...

Let me second that emotion.

garv said...

I'd love to be there Saturday. I had a blast at the last Annex reunion. However, I'm currently scrapping with a flu bug, and the flu is winning.

Where's Zippy when you need him?