Thursday, August 16, 2007

More of a Text Message than a Blog Post

I'm havin' one hell of a time back in the IL. Huge thanks go out to EdP for swallowing his Sox Pride and scoring us some great tickets for last night's (not so great) Cubs game.

BBQ Sunday?


edP said...

My ass is still a little chilly from those wet metal bleachers but it was a blast.

Chris B. said...

What about a Monday night faux superbowl party at our place? We could skip practice (or practice at halftime). What say you?

edP said...

F yeah ChrisB!!! it is only a precursor to the actual suberbowl party in which da Bears shall emerge victorious in Tempe AZ


bigsoda said...

Sounds good to me. We can talk about band costumes during commercials.

DC Liar said...

I'm so in.