Sunday, August 26, 2007

NFL Networking

I'm watching the replay of the Saturday Bears/49ers game right now on NFL Network. I spent most of Sunday with my head in the sand so that I could watch this one fresh on the re-broadcast (including strategically placing masking tape on the HDTV screen to cover the spoiler crawl).
I'm not sure I'll have the patience to wait during the regular season, but (for now) I'm digging it... except...
I was watching the NBC 5 Chicago re-broadcast with Ditka and then at halftime it magically switched over to the San Francisco CBS affiliate broadcast. Fuck that. San Francisco network television looks like a freaking Sarajevo public-access channel.
Frankly, it's embarrassing. It's like the NFL network slipped a fucking cheese-cloth over the lens, decided to unload to 80's era graphics, and lobotomized the commentating crew. Trade Ditka telling humorous anecdotes about Dick Butkus for some mealy-mouthed prick endlessly bitching about the "dampness" of the field and some empty-headed Cali-skank asking Alex Smith (SF QB) how much he can bench. Why not?
Because it fucking sucks.
NFL Network should fucking know it. Stick with the big-boys station.

Plus, if I see that "Viva Viagra" commercial one more fucking time, I'm gonna Elvis my TV with my .45.
Every single fucking commercial break.
I'm glad you gentlemen got your rotten limp pricks back up with the help of Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, but I really don't need to hear you sing about it every five fucking minutes. Yeesh.

On a semi-related subject (to football, not boner-pills); If Da Bears can win their first and last games of this season, they should go undefeated and make those '72 fish-pricks shut the fuck up.



edP said...

If you shot a flat screen, would the plasma just ooze out like blood?

Chris B. said...

There would have to be a lot of injuries to keep this team down. I can't wait for the typical underestimation to begin, though.

You still in town?

tom o said...

yeah, they looked good.

i watched some of the cleveland/denver game on replay and it was the cleveland commentators. catch them if you can, they are sub-human. the color guy tried calling his pal a prognosticator, but it came out procrastinator...then he just called him nostradamus.

DC Liar said...

Back in DC (hence watching the game Sunday night on NFL Network).

Michael K said...

Did you watch the "Footbal Night In America" program last night? I couldn't believe NBC is leading in to that show with Countdown.

The Bears looked pretty damn good. I still have my concerns about Rex. The whole winning in spite of him rather than because of him thing still lingers in my mind.

Prairie Dawg said...

"subhuman?" "color guy?" Yeah real nice. Just keep your crosses away from tom o's lighter fluid.

Just cracking up at the Drinky Joe photo title "Hide and seek."

Chris B. said...

"prognosticator, but it came out procrastinator"

Good thing he didn't go for "prestidigitator".

Damn. I blew it on the tomatoes. Could you fly back out?...