Tuesday, November 13, 2007

NFL Week 11 Picks

This week I'm busy as hell in Chicago looking for work and attending Riot Fest. This week's picks are gonna be sparse. I made a commitment (to myself) to pick the entire NFL season this year. That kinda sucks right now. I'm picking 'em all on Tuesday, and probably won't get much of a chance to update the blog until next Tuesday when I get back to DC, so here they are:

Last week's picks: 8/6
Season record: 94/50

Early Sunday Games
Saints (4-5) over Texans (4-5)

Colts (7-2) over Chiefs (4-5)
Colts have dropped 2 in a row. It won't go to 3.

Raiders (2-7) over Vikings (3-6)
Without Adrian Peterson, the Vikes are going to have to rely on their passing game. It would help if they had a passing game.

Giants (6-3) over Lions (6-3)
Even records don't mean equal teams.

Chargers (5-4) over Jaguars (6-3)
I want to pick the Jags, but after last week's performance, I'm not betting against San Diego.

Eagles (4-5) over Dolphins (0-9)
The Beagles better win this one.

Cardinals (4-5) over Bengals (3-6)
Cards are looking better. The Bengals are looking for a defense.

Browns (5-4) over Ravens (4-5)
Cleveland HATES the Ravens (aka: the old Browns). I'm looking for a Brown's beat-down in this one.

Packers (8-1) over Panthers (4-5)
If you have to bet all your lunch-money on one game, I'd recommend this one.

Buccaneers (5-4) over Falcons (3-6)
Tampa has been floundering, but are still good enough to beat Atlanta.

Late Sunday Games
Steelers (7-2) over Jets (1-8)
Pittsburgh is lookin' good . The Jets are looking at next year.

Bears (4-5) over Seattle (5-4)
Grossman, Berrian, and Benson all had a TD last week - Shoot me.
I'm picking 'em just so I can be extra-mad at them next week for losing this one.

Cowboys (8-1) over Redskins (5-4)
Skins are good - Boys are great.

Rams (1-8) over 49ers (2-7)
Because I said so.

Sunday Night Game
Patriots (9-0) over Bills (5-4)
I like the Bills, but I'm not getting cute with this pick (I already did that with the Bears).

Monday Night Game
Titans (6-3) over Broncos (4-5)
Titans have been playing like shit lately, then again, so have the Broncos

Wrong picks in RED
Correct Picks in GREEN


Chris B. said...

Einie-meiney-miney-who gives a shit. In fact, most of these games this time in the season with such a gaggle of mediocrity are snoozers. For example: Rams (1-8) vs. 49ers (2-7). Wow.

edP said...

What? Chris I can't wait to see how the Cardinals-Bengals game plays out.

edP said...

Ok, I'm not even kidding myself.

edP said...

Good luck job hunting Mr. DC.

What do you know about hearing aids?

edP said...

Still picking the Bears after Lovie announced that Rex was his quarterback (again)?

edP said...

Intrigued by your Giants over Lions pick. I think the Lions are a different team at home, although the Giant defense will be their first true test at Fort Field. I sort of don't hate the Lions and am definitely rooting for them to fuck up the Packers on Thanksgiving.

Mike M will cement his insane genius status with me if he finds a quick (not short) passing attack that neutralizes the Giant pass rush.

Maybe the Lions offensive coordinator doesn't need any more success to fuel is supertanker-sized ego.

Sorry for all the football comments. I have to pretend that I am not a football guy on my blog