Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Pack It In

L&E is gonna be on the down-low over the next few days (lucky you). I've been slammed with this fucking move lately, and really need to kick it into overdrive due to the realization that I own way too much crap.
I've been packing everything up for 3 days straight, and still am only about half-way through. I have to buckle down and get everything finished; pronto. I'm picking up the moving van on Thursday (tomorrow), and hope to be on the road Friday morning - It'll never happen.
Then in a couple of weeks I get to turn around and do this all over again with the rest of my crap.
Help me..

P.S. I'm gonna need about 3 stout men (or 4 'port' men) to help me unload all this crap sometime on Saturday or Sunday - apply below in the comment field.
Luv U


Michael K said...

Where are you unloading the crap?

The Old Dog said...

I volunteer Devin!

edP said...

Gimme a call a day ahead of time & let me know roughly what time you need help. If I don't have family stuff I'm all over it.

Chris B. said...

This time I'm in. Text me when you're close. When you say "stout", you mean strong and barrel-chested, right?

Also, I highly recommend eBay.