Friday, November 23, 2007

NFL Week 12 Picks - Part Two

Okay, I'm off to a 3 & 0 start to this week - Now the picks get a bit more tricky.

Early Sunday Games:
Titans (6-4) over Bengals (3-7)
The Titans have been sucking it raw lately. Cincy's sucking so hard that they swallowed their season whole.

Browns (6-4) over Texans (5-5)
I'm drinking the Cleveland Kool-Aid - That would explain the explosive diarrhea.

Chiefs (4-6) over Raiders (2-8)
What can I say about this game? I know: NEXT!

Rams (2-8) over Seahawks (6-4)
For some stupid fucking reason, I really want to pick the Rams. They've won their last two games against the Saints and 49ers, and seem to have gotten their collective shit together. Then again, Seattle has won the last 5 straight in this match-up and Hassleback looked pretty sharp against the Bears last week.
Fuck it. I'm going with the Rams in a drunken fit of hubris.

Giants (7-3) over Vikings (4-6)
The Giants are a much better team in almost every aspect when held aside the Vikes. If the purple-penis-eaters can pull off a win here, I'll be shocked.
Postgame: Consider me shocked.

Redskins (5-5) over Buccaneers (6-4)
Why am I picking the team with the lesser record, on the road, and against the betting line? Because the Skins are the better team. I'm not just being a fan-boy with this pick - The Skins are for real.
Postgame: All of the Bucs points (except for a field-goal) came from DC's 6 turn-overs. Fuck.

Saints (4-6) over Panthers (4-6)
Lately I keep picking the Saints and keep getting burned. Luck for me they're playing the stone-dead Panthers. I'm not picking Carolina until the league allows Testeverde ride his Hoveround power-chair out onto the field for plays.

Jaguars (7-3) over Bills (5-5)
I'm lovin' the Bills this year, but they're over-matched in this contest.

Late Sunday Games:
Cardinals (5-5) over 49ers (2-8)

Ugh. Another clunker. Time to play a drinking game: Every time the announcers mention "expectations", take a drink - Every time they say the phrase "quarterback problems", take a drink - Every time they mention "rebuilding" slam your beer. Be sure to purge after each quarter to prevent alcohol poisoning.

Broncos (5-5) over Bears (4-6)
Chicago & Denver are both in full-turd-mode. Denver is totally unreliable lately, but I'm not picking the Bears with 'the quarterback who shall not be named' under center.
It looks like I won't even get to see this atrocity, I'm stuck watching the Ravens suck.
Fucking perfect.

Chargers (5-5) over Ravens (4-6)
The Chargers have to be out for blood after last week's loss in Jacksonville. I'm still not sure if Norv's Bolts are really good, but they're good enough to trump the beat-down Balti-Birds.

Sunday Night Game:
Patriots (10-0) over Eagles (5-5)
The Beagles didn't have a sideways prayer with Donovan healthy. With McNabb out and the game in New England, Philly is doomed.

Monday Night Game:
Steelers (7-3) over Dolphins (0-10)
Miami keeps marching toward a winless season. Keep goin' boys, we have faith that you can do it.

Wrong picks in RED
Correct picks in GREEN


edP said...

I'm glad I didn't text you during Bears Broncos because you got jobbed out of a great fucking game.


Note to the rest of the league:"Do not kick it to Devin Hester!"

edP said...


Chris B. said...

Yeah, your picks were a bit off this week and it turned into the best Bears game (ok, best quarter) of the year so far. Grossman looked good despite the numbers. He can't make the receivers catch the ball (5 or 6 in the hands and right back out again). Also, he should have had a TD to Olsen to tie the game before the half but it got called back on a stupid penalty.

DC Liar said...

I got to catch the end of the Bears game after the Ravens game was put out of its misery. I still hate Grossman.

Yeah, my picks fucked me in the ass this week. What kills me is that 4 of my picks (including my Rams upset)were lost by the teams that I picked either with less than 2 minutes left on the clock or in overtime. Game of inches...