Wednesday, November 21, 2007

NFL Week 12 Picks - Part One

Fucking Turkey Day. I just get back, have to head down to southern Virginia, and now have to throw out 3 fresh NFL picks. I didn't get a chance to watch one game last week (thank Christ - It was a fucking mess for both of my teams) and haven't been keeping up on any NFL gossip. Lucky for me, 2 of the 3 Thanksgiving games are 'gimme' picks and I'm pretty damned sure about the third. Lucky me.

Last week's picks: 10/6
Season record: 104/56

(12:30 EST)
Packers (9-1) over Lions (6-4)
Yeah, the Kitties could win this one - I just don't see it happening. The Pack are already going to the postseason, I'm betting that the Lions won't.

(16:15 EST)
Cowboys (9-1) over Jets (2-8)
Not a bad food-coma game. You really don't want anything too exciting after your gastronomic endeavors for worry of barfing out you cranberry sauce onto mom's new carpet. This is the televised equivalent of tryptophan. Sweet dreans.

(20:15 EST)
Colts (8-2) over Falcons (3-7)
Chances are, you're not gonna see this game. This is an NFL Network exclusive game, and therefore unavailable to 70% of homes in America. I have NFL Net at home, out here, and out at my parents' place, so I'm not too worried about missing the Green Bay at Dallas, Bears at Skins, or Pats at Giants games later this year - You should be.
Postgame: You're probably all lucky to be missing the rest of the NFL Network games. Bryant Gumble's play-by-play is just fucking painful. Collinsworth does a good job, but Gumble's ineptitude makes watching any game on NFL Net a freakin' ordeal.

Correct picks in GREEN


Michael K said...

Since the Bears turned into a loss machine, the announcers have gotten progressivley worse each week. Gumble couldn't possibly be as bad as the 2 fucking no-name jokers we had last week.

DC Liar said...

Vasgersian and Pearson have nothing on Gumble.

Chris B. said...

Can we start calling him Vagsurgeon?
You're right about the NFL Network, but I have the channel and still didn't watch that piece of shit game. The only interesting aspect was if Manning would throw a hissy and start yelling. Even then, it's a pretty lights out game for the Colts.

DC Liar said...

Done and done - Vagsurgeon it is.

edP said...

I will not listen to you guys sully the good name of Vagissturgeon.

edP said...