Thursday, October 26, 2006

All Hail The Queenie!

Ms. K(i)M just launched her new blog, and it's chock full of horsey goodness.
Here, I would go into her blog saga, but I'm under the impression that I should refrain from flogging that dead horse. I've decided to reign myself in, get down off of my high horse, and not turn the whole fiasco into a dog and pony show. The important thing is that she's back and we shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, and definitely not engage in neigh-saying. This dark horse is looking strong out of the gate, and promises to be short on any horse play.

If anyone is still reading, I'm truly sorry for the barrage of bad equine references. "Where the hell are my horseshoes?!" is poised to rock out some truth, and that's straight from the horse's mouth.

Again, sorry.


jeanz said...

Quit horsin' around and get back to your mane focus, the nasty rant.

Queenie said...

How much do I love Shooty GayBag?
ALOT, that's how much!
ALOT more than "gelding sheath cleaning" that's for sure.
Go Google that for some horsey talk.

Thanks for the welcome, you MySpaceLess Shooty.

I can't, FYI, quick poking that old Kaka Mak Corpse. That bitch IS dead, but her ghost is pissed -- pissed that I let myself get bullied into a big old fat identity crisis and yet, relieved I haven't imploded as I feared.

I just don't know if it's a good thing to Get Into All That Shit again:
take a lookie:

You might see a little Ben Weasel there, who knows? In hindsight, I think your post, which I posted at The Other Blog about "not letting those in crisis of faith write dogma" was pivotal in my Awakening to the (puke)"fuckery" going on there. Your honestly was taken to heart and then some. Hate is hate is hate, after all. And dogma is dogma is bullshit.

So belated thanks for that.

I wouldn't do any linkie shit w/this angry blog as I'm likely to say AH, fuck those pinched-faced bitter opinioning sorts anyhow. More likely just burning off what's left of my anger from all that, soon to be deleted.


Queenie said...

PS. The Queenie blog will stay, regardless.

Lady Di )O( said...

I think Shooty Gay-Bag was actually, dare I say, nice in this post.

I don't like it.

Someone bring that foul-mouthed shootin' crabby mother-effing gay-bag bastard back.

{nice links on that post though. i'll give ya that}