Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Mr. ChrisB sent out an ePissy e-mail checking on what everyone was watching on their picto-tubes. Since my brain defect prevents me from shooting off a simple list like a normal (not OCD) person, I sent out a freaking link-ridden overly-descriptive mess out to everyone. It works fine as a blog entry, though. So, here you are.
Here are the shows that I have set up in my Tivo 'season pass':

This show rocks - period. It's a total X-Men rip-off, but (so far) it's way-better than any of the X-Movies.

It's like HBO had a fire-sale on character actors and Showtime went nuts. Dexter features one actor from Six Feet Under, one actor from Sex & the City, one actor from The Sopranos, and four from OZ.
It's only a couple of episodes in, but this series has true promise. It's about a blood-spatter specialist who serial-kills serial killers. Wow, the premise just collapsed into itself. It sounds kinda gay, but is actually really good.

My Name is Earl
White-trash zen makes for some great television. For my money, the best cast on TV.

Venture Brothers
Superb - I can't get enough of this show. Plus HUGE props go out to J.G.Thirlwell for the best soundtrack in the history of television.

METALOCALYPSE FUCKIN RULZ!!! *banging head furiously*

12 oz. Mouse
Once again, this is either the best show ever to be aired or the worst. I'm still not sure, but I can't stop watching.

Most of the shows above have free downloadable episodes on their websites, or extended clips. Check 'em out. If nothing else, click on the 12 oz. Mouse link for a hard-ripping guitar solo (I think that that was an entire episode, if I'm not mistaken).

I also have been watching Studio 60, The Office, and most of the Adult Swim lineup, but they haven't made the Tivo cut yet. I also gave Jericho a shot because it's pretty hard to fuck-up a post-apocalyptic storyline - They managed it.
That's about it. Well, except for football... Go Bears!


Queenie said...

Sheesh. How big a looser am I that I don't even know the shows you mention.

Lately I've just been watching Project Runway and The Flavor of Love. I know "what time it is."

Michael said...

Metalocalypse is awesome. I love the CN for letting me watch my fav shows on line for free. Watch the latest ATHF when you get the chance. Great stuff.

tom o said...

just watched most of the Heroes marathon last night. i'm hooked.

i need a DVR.

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