Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Every single year in the off-season a handful of football analysts pick the Arizona Cardinals and Detroit Lions to be the dark-horse teams in the NFL. Every year by mid-season those teams are at the very bottom of the standings.
I think it's time to write in stone that those teams WILL ALWAYS SUCK - period - end.
Don't delude yourselves; even if one of those teams managed to sign Jesus Christ to a 10 year contract they would still be struggling to keep ahead of the Houston Texans in the rankings. Thinking otherwise is just stupid.


edP said...

The Lions were so hopeless they broke the spirit and chased into retirement one of the top 10 football players in my lifetime. That's world class sucking ass!

edP said...

This was an appropriate title by the way - the teams you mention don't deserve more than a half a rant.