Thursday, October 12, 2006

Fuck United (Again)

I'm flying on United Airlines to O'Hare so (of course) my plane is delayed. This means that I'm out on the tarmac stuck in my seat for at least another hour before we even take off. Fuck! I meant to book this flight on American, but opted for the earlier time.
I really should have taken the 2PM AA flight, it most likely will get there way before the 10:45AM United flight. Just out of curiosity, has anyone EVER had a flight into O'Hare on United that wasn't delayed?
Fucking suck-asses.

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edP said...

You canb fly LidleWest if you don't mind hopping a connecting flight at the 20th story of a Manhattan condo.

edP said...

That joke wasn't even worth the bad karma.

Kim said...

United nearly made me piss myself.

I got surly replies and exasperated sighs with eye rolling to boot from the flight attendants when I needed desperately to get past the drink car to pee shortly after take off.

United = CrapAirline.

F1.4 said...

just so long as you don't have to land at Pentagon National Airport