Sunday, October 29, 2006

Last Call

I just finished up the last batch of the Summer '06 WILT CDs. There are still a few of you blog monkeys that I haven't heard from, so If you want a copy let me know and I'll mail one on out to ya. Also, if you got a defect or if your copy hasn't shown up yet (Di?) I'd be more than happy to shoot out a replacement.
I've got about a dozen left, so this is your last chance to rock out (but please leave your cock within the confines of your undergarments).


Queenie said...

OH! I didn't get one! The last one I got was the drunken fez cover.
Please send me one.
(Also -- my The Girl about to shoot Shooty and Milo Chistmas CD is gone! My complete Shooty Set is not complete! Do you have any more Chirstmas Shooties left?)

Prairie Dawg said...

Best one yet (in my humble opinion).

LOVE the back half of this one. I went online and ordered a Jason Webley album.

That song about "backstreet's back, all right" is cool too. Lot of great stuff on here.

Lady Di )O( said...

Still nada, dollface. After reading P-Dawg's post I'm jonesin' the Shooty Fall '06 WILT bad.

Fuck me! I have the Lost Weekend CD but a Christmas Shooty?!?! No fucking way!!!

I still need the first 2 seasonals.

I know. I want, I want, I want.

I want a How To Dress Like A Shooty post!
With Shooty modeling pics!
And GUNS!!!

The Old Dog said...


Don't forget the Old Dog and Steener!!!!!!!! We want music!!!!!

DC Liar said...

Sorry OD, I thought that I gave you one while I was back in IL - my bad.

Q&D - I dug-up the last couple of X-Mas CDs from last year, and have shipped 'em out with yer WILTs.

Lady Di )O( said...

YOU RULE, you music-making, gun-wielding gay-bag!!

Gundy said...

Just got my CD in the mail. Thanks loads!

I would have appreciated an updated goatse shot, but what the hell, FREE MUSIC!


Shadrow said...

I didn't get one.... oh pick me... please send one out to me... I need my fix of Joshie's mix CDs...

DC Liar said...

Was I drunk-goatse-attachment-sendin' again?