Monday, December 11, 2006

Here I Came

Back on homefield turf.
11 Hours - 15 minutes

Will have more details later, but now - Beer.

- Sent From Blackberry Handheld -


edP said...

Hey - see ya at the game eh.

The Old Dog said...

I thought they might have taken your dingleberry! Like turning in your badge.

jeanz said...

I got surprise mail yesterday! Thanks, Mr. Liar!

Kim said...

I got a surprise in the mail yesterday too! Thanks, You.

Haaaaaave a Shooty, Shooty Christmas!

Lady Di )O( said...

Oh, Shooty!!! Oh Shooty I am in LOVE with my surprise mix! I love it from The Dwarves to Sufjan's "Did I Make You Cry on Christmas? Well You Deserved It!!" to the Yobs and Pansy Division to "Fuck Christmas"!! I also love it from Frantic Flintstones to "You Ain't Getting Shit for Christmas" to The Automatics and Ramones to Darlene Love and The BellRays and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes and those at-the-end-so-good Vandals!!!

I also love every little thing inbetween. Thank you!!

The best first Holiday gift I could dream of. Whee!!

Prairie Dawg said...

It does rock. Muchas Graciass.

"You Ain't Gettin Shit" cracks me up each time.