Thursday, November 02, 2006

Holding My Tongue

I've been holding back the mother-of-all-rants for the past few weeks. Maybe you'll get it next week, maybe you won't, but you won't see it any sooner than that. Accordingly, I've been letting L&E air out for awhile. I've updated the links on the side menu, and have been working on the new Drinky Joe Flickr (pro) page. His MS Spaces page has mysteriously disappeared into the interwebs, but I hope to get ALL of the DJ photos up onto the Flickr page sometime this weekend - watch for it.


edP said...

Is the mother of all rants about John Kerry's Beatle hair>

Queenie said...
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Queenie said...

(Deleted comment mine, for typos, FUCK, reposted below:)

I think Shooty's mother of all rants is going to be how he wants stirrup pants to come back in style. Because he hates it when he tucks his pants into his boots and they ride up around the ankles.

Either that or how pissed off he is about being dubbed Shooty. Shooty Gaybag, even.