Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Almost Paradox

I just wrote a long rant on how the leftist PC (Political Correctness*) movement was dissolving our constitutional liberties**, and creating a generation of over-sheltered emotional invalids. I read over it, decided it was wide-open to misinterpretation, and shelved it.
That's right, I caved into the preschool-nation mentality that if you cant say anything nice...

Now I'm officially part of the problem; hooray for me. I'll just go whole-hog on the other side for the sake of propriety:
If anyone wants to join me in congratulating the mayor of Brazoria, Texas for trying to pass an ordinance to fine anyone $500.00 who uses 'the n-word' in an "offensive" manner (LINK), please chime in. I'm sure that this won't threaten the fabric of our constitution, as restriction of speech could never become a slippery slope, and it will surely lead to a more open and enlightened society. It's totally not unconstitutional if someones feelings are at stake, dammit. I'm sure that this type of legislation is for the best, and will create an atmosphere where nobody will ever have their feelings hurt ever again, and that's super. I'm sure that nothing but good can come of it.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need a shower.

* Not to be confused with the Personal Computer, Prostate Cancer, Postal Code, or Polycarbon Movements.
**In fairness, I also touched on how the right-wing fearmongers (and/or bible-bangers) were doing the same.


Prairie Dawg said...

As a preschool veteran many times over I have shitcanned more political rants than I can remember.

These days I'm trying really hard not to form an opinion on anything.

jeanz said...

Shelving your rant really hurt my feelings. Please mail me a check (certified funds, of course).

Meat Head said...

I find your lack of balls offensive.

I think that people should be fined $500,000 for not finding creative ways to use the word Douche bag.

Every other sentece should have this word. If you manage to use it in every sentece. You pay no taxs for that year. Do it three years in a row and you get a goverment pention equal to that douche bag we call President.(Really that applies for whom ever is in office)

Chris B. said...

Kramer from Seinfeld says the "N-word" emphatically as his set breaks down and suddenly the owner decides no comic can use that word in his club ever again. He vows to ask every performer before they appear if they plan to use it.

Does he suppose that maybe the problem wasn't the word itself but the mentality of the asshat using it? (I suppose Dave Chappelle is not welcome in his club now. Duh.)

The problem is that words are just words but some are highly sensitive. Plus, you can make totally benign words become as offensive as sensitive words in the right context.

Just ask Peyton Manning's fat whore of a wife.

edP said...

I hope there are no plans for Dr. Dre to play that Texas town.