Saturday, January 06, 2007


I spent a good chunk of today recording the new WILT & working on the artwork. Here's my original design for the cover that The Girl 86ed:If Big Drag UK needs an (oddly appropriate) album cover, it's all yours.
I guess elephantitis isn't everyone's bag (pun intended), and I figured that I had disturbed enough of you fine folks with the Xmas compilation artwork. I redid it with the same background, but went more subtle with the photoshoppin'. Can't win 'em all.

Look for the full WILT post sometime Monday or Tuesday. Until then, here's the tracklisting:


Chris B. said...

There's an odd irony in the fact that the girl curtailed your fun. Maybe you should grow a 34-lb pair. (Or, maybe she's got some sense. That won't stop us from using it, though.)

Can we be Big Drag SG, instead? The SG is for "so good" (or Sugar Grove).

p.s. - did you see "My Name Is Earl" on Thursday? Best line on tv in a while: "You had me at balls."

edP said...

We're Big Drag not Big Bag you Big Bag!

edP said...

And SG is definitely for Sugar Grove.

DC Liar said...

How do you think he gets 'em around?
There's some big draggin' involved there. Either that, or a wheelbarrow.

Prairie Dawg said...

"King's Crossing"--devastatingly kick ass song, one of my faves

Lady Di )O( said...

Big Draggin'...

You had me at balls...

This post and comments have been the most fun ever. Nicely done, once again gay-bag. Can I please please reserve a copy.

WILT fan,

Kim said...

I hate those Big Creepy Balls.
There's the title of the next Big Drag single by the way.

Keep those WILTs coming -- I hope to have enough to tile my bathroom wall with the covers someday.