Saturday, January 13, 2007

Fuck the Penguins

It's been a beautiful couple of weeks out here on the East Coast. It looks like our luck will hold out until Monday/Tuesday of next week. 75 degrees in January - I could get used to this.
On a more freaky-deaky wrath-of-god twist, flowers and cherry blossoms are starting to sprout up everywhere. I went out with my camera on Friday to get some pics. You can check 'em out, plus a bunch of other crap I just got around to posting, over on my Flickr page.

Granted, penguins are kinda cute, but I'm already planning a trip to the shore for Groundhog Day. So, screw those little black & white bastards.

Bonus (for the Old Dog):


edP said...

Fuck the penguins indeed.

Kim said...

Dear Shooty and EdP:

Fuck you guys!

All The Penguins in the World

The Old Dog said...

I wanna see that little movie of the penguin knockin' the other penguin into the ice-hole!

I gotta go find it now.

The Old Dog said...

Thanks, Shooty! I think I'll get some popcorn and watch it for a few hours.