Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Man, oh man, oh Manischewitz. It's been a hell of a time back in IL.
I've got drinking stories from the four corners of the Chicagoland region. I've decided to wait to post-up an Illinois drinkin' wrap-up once I get back to DC, so if you want to hear any of 'em early you're gonna have to meet me for a beer.

Here's my tentative drinking schedule:
Round 6 - Tonight @ Annex
Round 7 - Thursday in the 'Burbs
Round 8 - Friday @ Chicago
Round 9 - Saturday @ Chicago or D-Town
Round 10 - Sunday @ T.B.D.


Chris B. said...


Sunday is a NO GO. The show is no longer ours. Switch to Plan B. (And could you let us know what Plan B is?) I suppose we can drink to Plan B this very evening.

edP said...

How was the NR show.

edP said...

I meant ?

The Old Dog said...

What is "TBD"? Is it "Too Be Dead"?

edP said...

Did you make it back to our nation's crapitol?

Michael K said...

Uh. Heard there is a list out there that nobody wants to be on. Any ideas who might be on it? I am such a friggin' DC gossip hound.

DC Liar said...

ABC is waiting 'til sweeps to start naming names. Everybody in town is keeping real quiet (and holding their collective breath) until then.

Michael K said...

I can't never get no gossip from the Liar.