Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shitheads In the News

The Drinky Joe fake-poop-in-a-can incident I mentioned awhile back just made it into the mainstream media.
Speaking of Shitheads, It looks like Imus just got shit-canned from MSNBC.
I'm still holding a grudge against that guy from last October (so no love loss here), but everyone might want to invest in an English to new-speak dictionary.
The identity of the Duke lacrosse pole-shiner just was released. Her name is (wait - for - it) Crystal Gail Mangum.
What the fuck? I wouldn't deliver a fucking pizza to someone who gave me that name, let alone rely on them to serve as the sole witness in a high-publicity felony trial.
Finally, Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees managed to burn down Johnny Cash's mansion. That twat is bound and determined to ruin everything even tangentially related to music, isn't he?
Unfortunately, Mr. Gibb was not in the house at the time of the disco inferno.


Michael K said...

Imus has made a career from being a total asshole so he can go fuck himself for all I care. Maybe they'll put somebody funny on the air.

Read the article. Pretty funny. The owner seems like a pretty funny guy.

Meat Head said...

“Unfortunately, Mr. Gibb was not in the house at the time of the disco inferno.”

Mad me laugh louder and longer than I should.

She above for both my Imus and Duke statements.

My thoughts basically boil down to..

In both cases both are douches but that’s not a crime. It just makes you a douche. Neither is getting a fair shake and there will be backlash and none of it will be good.

Just off the top of my head….
People afraid, more than they are to speak their minds.
Tax payers having to pay for civil suits against their states for wrongful prosecution.
People taking advantage of Mentally Ill people.
Defining stupidity as a mental illness (cuz that is really the only thing wrong with the stripper in this case. She is a career criminal with multiple convictions and not very bright.)
People not believing people who where really assaulted because of this idiot making this case so high profile with no evidence.
The general public getting fed up with different rules applying for different people.

Don’t misread this as racist. I am tired of black people crying about reparations, people putting them down, they were slaves and just about any other thing you can think of. I know and friends with plenty of black people. My Aunt married one and I have place cousins. They are 100 times the citizens some of my white cousins are, one is in prison for the next 8 years. Last I checked white was still the majority and how much do we give into the minority. Does the majority always have to bite it’s tongue and the Minority can spout nonsense with abandon.

Same rules need to apply to all, PERIOD!

Meat Head said...

Could it be Al and Jesse got together and blew up Imus becuase they wanted to draw fire away from them backing a carrer criminal in the Duke case.

"Oh shit Jesse we are going to look bad on this one. "

"Oh no were not Imus just called some black girls nappy head hos."