Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sebadoh @ 9:30 Club, DC 4/3/07

Headed out to to the Sebadoh show last night. That was exactly what I needed - A great fucking rock show to get the blood a-flowin'. The couple of shows I've been to this year have been okay, but nothing that has gotten me all riled up.
The Bent Moustache, an indie-noise band from the Netherlands, opened and were pretty damned good.
Sebadoh flat-out ROCKED it. They played a load of stuff off of their early Sub-Pop releases, and really got back to the 'wall of noise' sound. I heard a bunch of tracks that I never would have expected to hear live, and they split the vocal duties pretty evenly between Lou, Jason, and Eric.
They missed a few of my favorites, but the set was truly impressive. I'm so glad I decided to head out to see these guys again.

I'm markedly less glad regarding my decisions following the show.
I ran into a bunch of drinkin' buddies at the show, and we decided to head down to Black Cat for a good old drinking grudge match. Shots were plentiful.
Everything is real fucking hazy after that. I (sorta) remember puking into a urinal after a shot of Jameson's and falling into the bathtub once I got home. Classy.
I woke up this morning sprawled out on the couch with my pants around my ankles. Also, (somehow) I ended up with a big fucking bag of ill-gotten potting soil out on my front porch.
All hail Drinky Josh, dirt-bandit extraordinaire.


Michael K said...

Let me get this straight... You got loaded and stole a bag of dirt? What ever happened to the Josh I used to know? The Josh that would get loaded and dance around the house with nothing but angel wings and a plastic cup for a costume? That's the drunken fellow I know. I don't know who you are.

DC Liar said...

That guy died of severe alcohol poisoning.

Ah, memories.

Michael K said...

I think that same party resulted in Randy waking the next day with the "I Luv Cock" spray painted in dayglo orange on his back. That was priceless.

edP said...

You could use the potting soil to give Randy an actual dirty shithole.

edP said...