Saturday, April 07, 2007

C'mon Feel the Illinoise

You asked for it, people - I'll be back in the Land of Lincoln from the 21st through the 29th of April.
The only real thing I have on my agenda (so far) is the Naked Raygun (late) show on the 27th. I'm also planning on doing an Annex night on the 21st. Let me know if anything else is goin' down in that time frame.

Kim - If you're thinking of heading back too, be sure to checkout ATA. I got tickets for $49 each way.


edP said...

You are flying?!? My favorite part of your trips (besides planning Bill Garver related robberies) is reading the post of your sojourn culminating with the horror that is INDIANA!

Gundy said...

Wow! That cover is GORGEOUS!

Gundy said...

Oops, not sure how I did that, but that last comment was meant for your latest WILT post.

Kim said...

SHIT, Bitch, dats cheap!

No, we'll not be coming out AGAIN, not yet anyhow. I want to drive -- but right, Bob will be doing the bulk of the driving, likely -- just how it always turns out -- and he's not relishing the idea at present.
We NEED to get out there to see his family and I saved a pile o' cash just for this reason but ... I don't know.
Bob ain't feelin' it right now.
SOON, fer fucksake, I hope...