Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Memoirs of Descent

That's it - I give up.
Things out here in DC have gone straight into the shitter since I got back from Illinois (should have just stayed).
I'm sick and tired of dealing with the Administration in trying to secure a position within a federal agency. It would have been nice, but I just can't afford to keep waiting and wrestling with all of the red tape. I've been on the job path for the last five months, and have had three "sure things" slip away without any reason or explanation. It's fucking maddening. I've exhausted ALL of my savings trying to wait this out, and am now forced to go back to looking for work in the private sector.
It doesn't help that I've had absolute zero support from The Girl on this, and after a weekend blowout we're no longer on speaking terms (it's kinda nice). I'm looking forward to being the distant disagreeable one in this relationship for a change. I'm just too tired and frustrated to struggle to hold together a shitty relationship - It's her turn. It'll never last. Fuck it.
I've still got a bunch of work I have to get done on the house within the next couple of weeks, or face a fine and a probable rent increase. Drinky is absolutely fucking useless, and the Girl isn't speaking to me, so it looks like it's up to me to get all of that shit finished. Perfect.
I haven't been sleeping, haven't been getting laid, and I'm popping Valiums like Pez just to stay sane. I'm on the fucking edge, and just don't have the time or patience to deal with any extraneous nonsense.

I'm not looking for sympathy and DON'T FUCKING WANT IT. I'm just sick of holding it all in and needed to get it out - It was either on this silly little blog or up against someone's head with an aluminum bat, and this seemed like the less felonious option.
Don't feel bad for me - I'll be fine. I have safety-nets galore, and should have something worked out by Memorial Day.
The world's just up my ass at the moment - it will pass.


The Old Dog said...

As will the giant turd that's up your ass.

Sorry. It sounded like a good smart-ass comment. Imagine it's epissy, and I that I still post on it.

Consider your bat wielded.

Go get, tiger.

jeanz said...

Go get a tiger? Now *that* is some good advice!

Here's mine, which is much less helpful: One thing at a time, Liarboy. Do one thing, and then do the next thing. It's like eating each item on your plate separately, instead of mushing it all together into an unpalatable paste.

Chris B. said...

Big Drag could use a manager. You have an aluminum bat. That's all I'm saying.

Michael K said...

Something tells me that if you don't relax a little this post and the previous post will be discussed on the news soon. "We all should have seen this coming.", they'll say, "The blogging community should have warned us."

DC Liar said...

Yeah - But unlike most of the rest of the blogging community, I'll actually get off my ass and make everything right BEFORE everything goes all to hell.

edP said...

By make everything "right" you don't mean make everything dead do you?

edP said...

Oh, and I 2nd the whole - bigDrag would be a lot better off hanging out with one crazy mutherfucker wielding an aluminum bat

C'mon, we could make hundreds of dollars