Saturday, May 05, 2007

This Blog For Rent

Things have been s-l-o-w down here at L&E junction as of late (even the Old Dog is schoolin' me on posts).
As soon as I got back from my Northern Illinois drinking adventure, I got gob-smacked by reality. I've spent the last week dealing with the job hunt, entertaining a friend visiting from Japan, and trying to keep my head above water in a nightmarish bureaucratic home-repair boondoggle (I will definitely get into this in a later post as soon as I calm down enough so that the whole thing doesn't come off as a demented death-threat).
Anyway, I have a bunch of shit I need to get up here, but have to wait until I get the essentials dead and buried.
Look for the return of L&E sometime next week (hopefully).


edP said...

Come on, your demented death threats read like poetry to me.

The Old Dog said...

You're right - it's pretty fuckin' bad when I'm out-posting you. What a loser!