Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Methadones 5/19/07 @ The Ottobar, Baltimore

Caught Chicago's own Methadones in Baltimore yesterday. I was really jazzed about seeing this one, since I was lucky enough to catch Dan's super-secret guest spot at the Naked Raygun show a couple of weeks ago back in IL. Since then, I'd really been looking forward to seeing a full set of Vapid.

The show was supposed to start at 3PM, but the band got caught in traffic (stupid Preakness) - The first band played for about a half-hour at 4:30, but The Copyrights were sharing equipment with The Methadones so they didn't even get started until almost 45 minutes after the first band had finished. Baltimore still has smoking in the clubs and cheap beer, so I really didn't mind all that much.

While The Copyrights were setting up and playing, I got a chance to catch up with the guys in the band (I set up a show for them in DC a couple of years ago and let 'em crash out at my place, plus we have a few mutual friends back in IL). They remembered that I was a huge NR fan and gave me a kick-ass poster from a show that they played with Raygun and Dillinger Four in Minneapolis earlier this month. They also offered to try and get me a pass to the sold-out Insubordination Fest that they're playing in Baltimore this July.
They really are all great fucking guys - I really can't say anything even sorta bad about any single one of 'em.

The Copyrights played a great set. I'd never heard them before, but was really impressed. I'd heard good things about them, and I'm glad I got a chance to see 'em. I made sure to pick up a couple of their records before I left, so watch for their stuff on upcoming WILTs.

Methadones ripped through a really tight set and played a load of my favorites. The set seemed kinda short, but I could watch those guys play for days-on-end, so I'm biased. For my money, they're one of the top 3 bands playing out today - If you get a chance, you really should go out and see 'em*.

The show was over by 7:15 and I got home before 8PM with just enough time to head out to a friend's B-Day party at the bar - gotta love the early shows.
Perfect fucking rock-day.

*ACHTUNG: The Methadones and Copyrights are playing fucking Otto's THIS FRIDAY (5/25/07) and Beat Kitchen on Saturday. All of you Illinoisans really should go check 'em out, or I'll be secretly ashamed of all of ya.

Be sure to tell the Methadones boys that DC Josh sez "Hi".

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