Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ultimate Screengrab

I've been watching my way through the (excelent) Harold Lloyd box set when I came across this:
(click to enlarge)

How fucking awesome is that? I had to pause the DVD and shoot a picture of the screen. It's from the 1928 feature "Speedy" - Also known as "that one Harold Lloyd film featuring Babe Ruth".
This scene takes place at Coney Island - Apparently the Coney Island of the 1920s was a wonderland of awesomeness featuring some of the most hazardous thrill rides dreamt up in the history of mankind - If I ever get ahold of a time machine for an afternoon, forget about saving Lincoln or stopping Hitler, I'm spending some time at old CI circa 1928. I stand by my decision.
Speaking of Harold Lloyd, Booze Movie Bill did a great review of "High and Dizzy" - Check it out HERE. Now.

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garv said...

Wow. Just WOW.