Monday, December 17, 2007

The Final Push

According to the Interstate Driving Forecast, it looks like everything will be clear tomorrow.

I'll be back sometime tomorrow between 5PM and 11PM (depending on departure time and traffic).

I'll definitely need any help I can get anytime on Wednesday to get the truck emptied, as I need to have it back to U-Haul Thursday by 9AM.

Luv U.


Prairie Dawg said...

Homie don't play Wednesday, fool! Now who you gonna get to take extra special care of those "art books?"

Though we should still figure out some German restaurant plan. Once you let spaetzles and sausage out of Pandora's box...well, I like where that metaphor is going but to complete it would be a cryme. I can't do the holidays though--too much sht going on. Everybody and their mother (literally) have birthdays right after Christmas.

edP said...

Gotta work in the day time but I am definitely up for coming by in the evening to help you out. If you think of it, leave a message reminding me that I said this when you get into town...I'll call and give you an ETA for me getting to the backwoods.

That is not code.

We were going to record on Wed but the studio is completely booked til January so this works fine.

shadrow said...

would have helped you out .... but as usual had to work... where you living and working at these days???