Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hedonism at Its Finest

Modern technology has finally reached the apex of worthless crap. I, for one, am ecstatic.
I present the Sit N Joy:It's a vibrating inflatable pool chair with built in speakers, an MP3 dock, and beer holders. If Caligula were alive today, you know he'd be totally be all about this. Plus, It's fucking named "Sit N Joy" and manufactured by Astone Holdings Pty Ltd., so you know it's quality.

My plan is to retro-fit a bunch of these with gun racks and outboard motors and take over the territories of the Chicago River and the western shore of Lake Michigan (or my Mom's pool) as soon as I get back.
You're all invited to join my vibrating armada, but you're responsible for bringing your own bikini chick.

via Gizmodo


Prairie Dawg said...

"my vibrating armada"

I love that band!

You can use the recoil as a kind of ersatz trawling motor.

That's right, beeaitch--I rocked the ersatz.

Michael K said...

I have never been a fan of floating chairs. They're a pain in the ass to get into and you immediately become a target to everyone in the pool who is hatin' on your comfort.

The Old Dog said...

Is that butterface in the picture your personal bikini chick?

DC Liar said...

They're all my butterfaced bikini chicks.

DeffoTotes said...

off topic:


edP said...

What if I'm my own bikini chick?

DC Liar said...

Deffototes - They pulled the pic (dead link).

Ed - You're out of the armada.

edP said...

What about my bikini chick?