Friday, December 14, 2007


I'm in the middle of a moving frenzy and losing my freakin' mind.
L&E is about to go dead for the next 5 days (as I'm packing-up my computer later today). I'll get the rest of my stupid NFL picks up on Killing for Sports tomorrow, but don't expect much more than that. I'm far enough behind schedule as it is.

I had planned on leaving back for Illinois today. That ain't happening.

Now I'm shooting to be back by Monday night for the Bears game. I'm not sure that I'll make it.

I'll definitely be back by Tuesday night. I hope.

Anyone want to help unload a U-Haul on Wednesday?


Chris B. said...

Monday night also happens to be Big Drag practice night, so perhaps we'll watch the game between practices or practice between quarters or whatever. Either way, you're invited.

I'm available on Wednesday, too. If there's beer involved, I could be talked into taking an afternoon off of work.

DC Liar said...

Monday: If I'm there, I'm in.

Wednesday: There will be beer involved.

Michael K said...

I am heading to DC on Sunday morning and heading back on Monday. Provided I do not get stranded, I'd like to help. Where will the unloading take place?

Michael K said...

Oh, and do you know any good cheap places I can watch a game near Dulles?

DC Liar said...

I have no idea what's around Dulles, but there are a bunch of cool bars in Arlington (also in Virginia). I'd recommend Iota.
If you want to spring for a cab, the Adam's Morgan neighborhood (in DC) is packed with good bars.
If I were you, I'd pick up a City Paper (the DC equivalent of the Reader) as soon as you can, and go from there.

When you get back, shoot me an e-mail re: Wednesday and I'll give you the details.

edP said...

Lemme know what you need when you get to town baby. I just need 24 hours notice if possible and then I'm glad to help.