Thursday, September 07, 2006

Blog-age Suicide (Don't Do It)

Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.
Recently there has been a wave of blog "suicides". First Elise, then Kaka, now Jes - all gone, like so many eHeathers.

You'll be missed, ladies.


The Old Dog said...

I'm struggling to maintain my epressence. I promise that I won't ewhack myself (You know what I mean, you sicko).

edP said...

Um Yeah Jes is no more?!?!?


We need some more e-estrogen.


One thing is clear, we need less of me.

e-nator said...

what a fabulous day! i don't look at a blog for months & the first one that i look at says something about little old me!!! and yupper, just like your eHeathers page says, i do play croquet and rule the school through intimidation, contempt and sex appeal.

words for the wise...
do not go to grad school.
do not go to grad school where i go.
writing a thesis sucks. don't do it.

oh, plz send me shootin' pics people!!!! gracias!

one more thing, b-day party in paris this year. who's in?

edP said...

Mostly through intimidation!

Yay e-nator!

Lady Di )O( said...

Paris - I'm there.

Kim may be back in some form. Hang tight on that one.

I have an interesting story up on my blog tonight and it's all about being a lady.

What's your damage?

Kim said...

Honestly, the whole blog experience has made me sick. Well, not on it's own, but it played a part. All that fucking honesty, and thinking deep deep intense intense in the wee AM hours for ALMOST A YEAR.

That's what I get for trying to drum up "an audience" and THEN be all things to everyone.

The good news?
This too shall pass, this blogsick.
And I have two new tattoos, ready and waiting for me, when I feel like I'm ready.

About fucking time.