Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ed, I Wanna Take You To A Gay Bar

We're out at the Electric 6 show at Black Cat - They're rockin' some
serious ass, but I'm arguing with some random White Sox fan at the bar.

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edP said...

You don't know how long I've waited to hear you say that. I can finally kick Bill Garver's shit to da crubb

edP said...

I meant curbb

edP said...

ok, maybe I meant crubb

bigsoda said...

Ed at a gay bar... That's like a fish out of overalls... I don't know what that means. I'm a crubb.

DC Liar said...

FYI: "Gay Bar" is the Electric Six's most popular song.
The title made sense at the time (unlike the Sox fan).

edP said...

I love the 3,2,1 I'm the Bomb song. I feel like I'm 14 when I listen to it...and man was I a randy piece of shit when I was 14. I know this stuff is supposed to be t 'n cheek 'n all - but they're off the krunck-izz-tea-lle or whatever the kids are saying. They can't be as good live as on the record - can they?

Girl, when I'm fuckin you...

that part just cracks me up - and what woman couldn't help falling in love with a man who promises to "go off in her shit"

Of all the tracks on all the mix tapes I've been given - that's right up there w/ Pink Floyd's Apples and Oranges on a Cousin Mike driving tape he made me in the 80's.

I don't want to know where he was driving listening to that stuff.

DC Liar said...

They put on a damn good show - Even The Girl wanted to stay for the encores. I'd definitely recommend making a night of it if they hit your neck of the woods.

Keep an ear out for the E6 on the fall mix CD - They'll be representin'.

DC Liar said...

Electric Six will be playing Double Door (Chicago) this Halloween.
You could do worse.