Saturday, September 09, 2006

DVD Killed Video Store

I've spent the weekend (so far) catching up on all of the DVDs that I've bought and haven't gotten around to watching.
Here's the breakdown:

Shock Treatment (aka: the "sequel" to Rocky Horror Picture Show) - Not as good as I remember (of course, this is probably the first time I've watched this movie while not totally wasted out of my gourd). For my money, this one still has a better soundtrack than RHPS.

Wild At Heart - A lot better than I remember (of course, this is probably the first time I've watched this movie while not totally wasted out of my gourd). Crispin Glover, William Dafoe, and Grace Zabriskie all managed to steal the show (somehow). Fucking superb flick. I found myself going through all of the DVD extras at 3:30am. I couldn't get enough. Surprisingly, David Lynch did a load of interviews for the bonus materials. He never does ANYTHING on most of his releases - Huge surprise.

Battle of Algiers (Criterion 3 disc Box Set) - I passed out on the couch at 4:30am (watching A Boy and His Dog on cable) and woke up at 8am to the sound of Drinky Joe wrestling with the locks on the front door. I stayed awake to sheppard him off the couch before he passed out. By the time he'd gone through his nightly ritual and headed downstairs, I was wide awake.
I decided to use the few hours before The Girl woke up to watch one of the many high-falutin' movies that I had bought, but had neglected to watch. I knew that if I waited, there weren't enough words in the English language to get her to sit through a 2 hour long black&white subtitled history-pic from 1966. I went for it.
Ho-lee-shit. This is one hell of a movie. This movie captures the Islamic conundrum perfectly. I'd say that it is more pertainant today than it was back in the '60s (of course, I'm an idiot). My only concern was that it felt weird routing for the French military (even weirder when I realized that I was supposed to be sympathising with the Algerian rebels - oh well).
I even coined a new folksy adage while watching the film: You can't get honey from hornets*. This phrase works equally well with radical Islamists or The Girl. I probably stole it from somewhere, and am too sleep deprived to realize it (or care).
The movie was so engrossing that I ended up watching the bonus features. I watched ALL of the bonus materials - 4 hours and 45 minutes worth - 2 discs/7 separate documentaries (gotta love Criterion).
That took up most of today. Although, (at the insistence of The Girl) we took a break to watch El Ataque de los Muertos sin Ojos - your typical campy 1970's Spanish satanic-Templar-zombie flick. It wasn't nearly as good as La Noche del Terror Ciego.

Yeah, that's what I did this weekend since I couldn't get out to the Touch & Go 25th anniversary thing. I've been planted on the couch sippin' homemade Knob Creek mint juleps and watching foreign/art-house films (wow, am I gay)...
...I've wasted my life (or at least this weekend).

*a preliminary Google search isn't turning up anything, so I'm claiming it.


The Old Dog said...

Can I use "You can't get honey from hornets"? That's great!

DC Liar said...

It's all yours.

Gundy said...

And all this time I've been saying "You can catch more hornets with honey than vinegar".