Thursday, September 14, 2006


I'm still piled under a bunch of work nonsense, and it looks like tonight will be the 3rd time this week that I work a 12+ hour day. Gotta love those nightly September receptions.

Note on the obvious: While doing web research for a client today I was amazed at the amount of abject hatred there is on the interwebs toward my vocation (and a few targeting me in particular). I always knew that those attitudes prevailed, but hitting on diatribe after diatribe still surprises me. Sheesh, If those blogger-types don't settle down I might have to cease my beloved hobby of strangling kittens in order to improve my image... probably still wouldn't work.

I have a 2-part post on Chicago baseball that I've been meaning to get up here for the last month. I'll try again this weekend, or just throw up an asinine rant of some sort - most likely on those motherfucking DC lobbyists. I hate them soooo much.


edP said...

OD took a picture of me in the Cubs gear next to the cardboard cut out of Kid K...but my SUX shirt didn't come out right. We'll be going back to that gas station since they have beer there.

I wore the SUX shirt to a gig and it was fun posing as a Cubbie blue guy. I blew my cover when I started beating on a guy standing near first base at a t-ball game. Hey, I gotta get my drink on.

Love the program by the way - it was a sweet thing to do. I hope it didn't exceed Federal laws re: the ammt of money a person who may or may not be you can give to some dumbass who may or may not be me.

Ok, now I'm confused. Alex, where's Daddy's first base coach woopin' stick?

F1.4 said...

Really, can't you just shit on the hoods of their cars to make them feel like you care?