Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Fuck a Duck

The motherfucking Anaheim Mighty fucking Ducks just took the cocksucking Stanley Cup. FUCK!
To give you non-hockey fans some perspective, this is the equivalent of Rush Limbaugh winning the Democratic party's nomination for president with Bill O'Reily as his veep.
Right now the NHL ranks somewhere between intramural badminton and competitive hotdog eating in my pantheon of sports fandom. I fucking give up - Why couldn't there be a fucking strike this year? Now the cup is scarred for life with this blight forever engraved into it's visage.
The Stanley Cup used to be a beautiful unattainable goddess, now she's just some sleazy bar hag that vomited down the front of her tube-top right before porking your retarded cousin.

AAARGH!!! The NHL is D-E-A-D.
I'm done.

More on my feelings about the the NHL (& the Ducks) HERE.


Michael K said...

Once the Disney/Pixar animated film about the season comes out. I hear that N'Sync will reunite for the theme song!

edP said...

I've rooted for the Canadian team the last two years...especially since poor Edmonton ran out of beer last year.

Meat Head said...

I have adopted the Hurricanes as my new team! I actually went to 2 Stanley Cup games last year and was at game 7 when they won. It was a very strange feeling to see a team you rooted for win. It was great and the place went bonkers!

I find myself torn with the Black Hawks. I still love them as my team but I can’t stand Werts! If you want to know how Hockey can be so fucked up. Look no further than Chicago ownership.

When I found out he was the head of the owners and putting together the TV deals…. Put a fork in it. He still thinks TV is bad for sports. I really don’t know how some one with a Billion dollars can be sucks a doofus but he does it.