Thursday, June 28, 2007

Soul Doubt

Yeah, I'm a big whore. Y'all know that you really want some fresh crab meat.
I'm just fearing what happens when the "crab boil" post disappears from the bottom of the page. I'm pretty damn sure that Google doesn't have many ads for guns, rye liquor, and out-of-print Chicago punk 7" EPs.
Hello, boner pill ads!

Anyway... Check out the damned ads. I have a new WILT in the works and postage to pay.


edP said...

At least you gave it up for crap meat.

DC Liar said...

CRAB meat, dammit!

You're gonna queer the whole deal, Ed.

edP said...

Holy shit, I was drunk when I typed that. No way I would mistake "crap" for "crab" sober. I am a tool.

Live long and prosper crabs.

I've fucked it up again, haven't I?

Chris B. said...

Don't type "queer" either - that'll really queer it up.

P.S. - it was Hurricane Relief at first.