Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Welcome to DC

I'm freakin' amazed that this story hasn't gotten any attention, as it is the most awesome tale of nihilism ever to hit the national news media.
Here's the breakdown: Some skank spent the entire day smoking crack, rear-ended an undercover police cruiser, took off runnin' (and since police chases are prohibited by law in DC, fled without pursuit), plowed through a 'black pride' picnic, turned around, ran through the street festival once again, mowed over 40 people while laughing, was stopped only when the cops decided to throw fucking Segway scooters under the vehicle, and she did it all with her 7 year old daughter in the car. Oh, and apparently she was an ex-aide for DC Mayor Marion "Crackpipe" Barry.
Don't believe me (I wouldn't)? Here's the LINK.


Michael K said...

I was thinking of blogging about this myself. I think a lot of folks haven't picked up on it yet as it is still kind of a local story. I only heard about it cuz I read the post every day.

Chris B. said...

Yeah, and her father worked for the CDC and she was wearing a diaper.

edP said...

Maybe he can hire her as his personal driver. It's got to be better than having a new Jersey State Trooper drive you to meet Dom Imus

The Old Dog said...

Uh, Ed - I'm having her drive me to practice next week. Nothing personal.

Catherinette Singleton said...

Wow! She sounds like a winner. Maybe she'll be up for mother of the year.