Wednesday, June 20, 2007

L&E Record Geek Public Service Listing #1

Okay, this shit has been has been driving me fucking batty for years now. You go to try and find information for some old record (usually a compilation), and the internets are anything but helpful. I've decided to start doing occasional posts with all of the pertinent information for obscure "lost" records that can't be easily found through regular searches. L&E posts tend to rank fairly high on Google searches (much to my surprise and/or dismay), so I figured that this possibly could be helpful to some other frustrated music nerd out there.

L&E #1 : Punk - Music Collection Int. (Trojan Records) - CD (OOP) - 1991 - MCCD 015
Track Listing
1. What Do I Get (Live) - Buzzcocks
2. EMI - Sex Pistols
3. Personality Crisis - New York Dolls
4. Angels With Dirty Faces (Live) - Sham 69
5. If The Kids Are United... (Live) - Sham 69
6. Born To Lose (Live) - Johnny Thunders
7. Bored Teenagers (Live) - The Adverts
8. Looking For A Kiss - New York Dolls
9. Rip Off (Live) - Sham 69
10. One Track Mind (Live) - Johnny Thunders
11. Boston Babies (Live) - Slaughter & The Dogs
12. Pretty Vacant (Live) - Sex Pistols
13. No Time To Be 21 (Live) - The Adverts
14. Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing - Discharge
15. Brickfield Nights (Live) - The Boys
16. Time's Up (Live) - Buzzcocks

I'm sure it seemed like a great fucking idea to name this album "Punk" back in 1991 (hey, that's what it is), but it makes for a royal pain in the ass trying to track it down on the interwebs.
The album itself is a decent culled album, but nothing all that great. I think I found it in a used bin somewhere and picked it up for the NY Dolls and Boys tracks.

Clarification: I'm just doing this to try and get the information out there - I'm not gonna copy it and send it out to you, sorry. No, not even if you ask really nice. With all of the information contained above you should be able to track down a copy for yourself.

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