Wednesday, June 27, 2007

L&E Record Geek Public Service Listing #2

Selective Album Covers of DeKalb

Okay, I have a load of discs from ye olde D-Town days, but am having absolute zero luck finding any online jpgs of the covers. I just scanned 'em myself and am posting them just in case anyone else is trying to track 'em down.

The Harmonics: Christ and His Mama in the Shit House of Love
(Seven Dead Arson Records) 7DA001

BuFu L'Ru: The Little Green Guys Come and Take You Away!!
(Seven Dead Arson Records) 7DA002

More Fucked: Godamn More Fucked & The Assraper


Grenadier: Hand Offensive
(Ubique Records) 16892-60972

Ed Posega: Breather

The Floating Basement:

The Floating Basement:

The Floating Basement:
Nothing and Then Some

The Floating Basement:
I Want My Money Back - An Evening With the Floating Basement

The Magnificent Ambersons: Current
(Strane Records) Strane CD-1

The Magnificent Ambersons: Ambersongs
(Weed Records) Weed 004

If Ed wants to shoot me the tracklistings for all of his discs, I'll gladly plug in the tracks for the first 4. If not, meh.

Okay, That's it for now. Keep your eyes open for #3 sometime soon profiling obscure local comps.


edP said...

track listings coming soon...glad to see somebody who cares about this let's screw!

Prairie Dawg said...

Cool, thanks for posting the Grenadier...Who's those punk bands? BuFu L'Ru is a good name.

DC Liar said...

Harmonics: For my money, the greatest Punk band from DeKalb. Featuring Jeremy Gosser (A-Bomb Chop Shop), Pat Holtman (A-Bomb Chop Shop, Figora, Slut Pants), Dan Shaw (Tossers), and Kenny Koleman (Orgasmatics). Great sloppy anti-PC punk rock.

BuFu L'Ru: Originally started off (in the early 90's) with Matt Campbell (Sugarbone Johnson), Pat Holtman (Harmonics), and Kelly Krider. By the time this album was released, Holtman was long-gone and had been replaced by Airick.
These guys were the closest thing that D-Town had to the Melvins.

More Fucked: The one gutter-punk band from DeKalb that had their shit together enough to put out a CD.

Chris B. said...

Weren't you in BuFu at some point?

DC Liar said...


I think that one of my old bands may have played a show or two with 'em, but that's it.

OleKobe said...

God, some of those covers couldn't pass a 4th grade art project.

Kelly Krider said...

Wow, a history page of the Dekalb bands. Groovy. I have the original version of the Bufu L'ru CD cover if you need it. Drop me an email at I have the track list somewhere also. These days I am the drummer of the Screw City Saints, a Irish punk band in Rockford. They call me Cottonmouth Jenkins....

matt campbell you dick said...

Fat Orson? Thanks you know I can take a hint I'll try and slim down.

louissyfer said...

Harmonics, greatest punk band from dekalb?!? are you stoopid??! try Ring 13 ...

anyway I cant even recall hwy I have the piece of shit cd but I was thinking about putting on my blog just for the rarity of it ... once i give it a quick listen ill decide, if its a shit as i recall ill not do it, if its gotten better with my age then ill post it

Hamir the Hermit said...

At some point in my travels got the Ambersongs CD, just thought I'd try and see if they ever did anything else, found this obscure corner of the internet, which was pretty much the only place that a record of The Magnificent Ambersons as a musical group even exists. I see they had at least one other CD. Don't imagine I will ever find a copy of that. LEL.