Thursday, June 21, 2007

Two Completely Unrelated Items

Item 1: While trying to track down some record info, I stumbled across the The Chicago Shows List Archive. Wow. The list ran from September 1993 through March 1997, and almost any show that went down in the Chicagoland area during that span is up there. I can click on almost any week and find at least one show that I was at. It's a really fucking cool trip down memory lane.
Item 2: I found this great video clip on Boing Boing. This one goes out to tha P-Dawg (be sure to turn on the volume for the full effect).

This is quite possibly the greatest 5 second video in the history of the internets. It's called "Dramatic Chipmunk", but is actually a Prairie Dog.
This is the point where P-Dawg decries the speciesist stereotyping of his burrowing rodent brethren. "Oh sure, we ALL look alike to you people, Huh?"

1 comment:

Prairie Dawg said...

I like his work, though it is a tad too "method" for my tastes. I hope his success doesn't lead him to be typecast.