Friday, June 29, 2007

The Welles Syndrome

I'm pretty damned sure that ChrisB mistook me for my buddy Matt Campbell (the lead singer of Bufu L'Ru) two posts below.

I just came across some shocking evidence. We both look just fucking like Orson Wells at different points in his career. It must be a Midwest white-boy thing.

Here's a helpful guide:
The Josh Wells
The Matt Wells


edP said...

U r hott

Chris B. said...

Playing the doppelgänger card, eh?

Michael K said...

Just be glad you resemble the young, dapper Weles and npt the obese, wine shill Welles.

Have fun watching the boys in blue spank the Nats tonight.

Kelly Krider said...

Holy shit that does look like Sugarbone (Campbell)