Wednesday, July 18, 2007

L&E Record Geek Public Service Listing #4

Greedy Boot 1 - 2005: Various Artists
Okay, I've had this damned comp for well over year now and I think that I've finally gotten the track listing figured out.
This is an "outtakes" album of Dwarves songs, Dwarves side projects, and other tracks that are somehow tangentially related to the Dwarves. Any sane person would just list all the tracks as "Dwarves" and move on, but not me.
The artists are listed together above the track listing as so:

Dwarves,Mondo Generator, Greedy Bros, Cool Millions, Persephone's Bees, Sgt. Saltpeter, Brad Cook, DJ Marz, Luke Sick, Holograms, Coyote Ridge, Dexter, Elmo, KEZF, The Fursmen and Blag Dahlia

Easy right? Just match the names to the appropriate tracks? Considering that Blag sings on all but a handful of the 20 tracks on this record and half the artists seem to be dead leads, not so easy.
Here's my annotated track listing. If I'm off on any of these, feel free to correct me.

ACHTUNG: Almost all of the links (with corresponding cover art) are NSFW.

1: Drinking Up Christmas - Dwarves
This is a holiday themed re-recording of "Better Be Women" off of their 1997 album The Dwarves Are Young And Good Looking. I have a sneaking suspicion that this might be the elusive 'Fursmen' track (Dwarves under a pseudonym), but all listings I have been able to find identify this one as by the Dwarves. I haven't been able to locate the original release of this track, so I'm sticking with what I know.

2: Kaotica - DJ Marz
This one was originally released as the B-Side for the Dwarves Salt Lake City 7" EP. The credit on the original is listed as "Produced, Mixed & Recorded By Blag Dahlia, Bradley Cook, DJ Marz & the Greedy Bros." Almost all internet searches credited this one to DJ Marz and it definitely sounds like a remix, so I'm going with that one even though it was originally released under the Dwarves banner.

3: Massacre (Clean) - Dwarves
This is a radio edit of the track from The Dwarves Must Die. Originally released (in this form) on The Dwarves Must Remix 12" EP. Set this one in stone.

4: Big Balls - Dwarves
This one's from Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be: An AC/DC Tribute. Listed as the Dwarves. Set.

5: Speed Demon (Download) - Dwarves
Live version - originally available as a download from the Greedy website.

6: Seven Eleven - Earl Lee Grace
Track #9 from Blackgrass. A Blag side-project. Set.

7: Meth, I Hear You Calling - Mondo Generator
This is the opening track from their 2003 album Drug Problem That Never Existed.
Side note: This band is fronted by Nick Oliveri (Kyuss, Queens of the Stoneage). Mr Oliveri also plays in the Dwarves under the moniker 'Rex Everything'. Set.

8: Who Put the Methamphetemine? - Brad Cook
That's what all of the internets say. I'm not gonna argue. Another Dwarves member.

9: One Time Only - The Holograms
Track #4 from Night of 1000 Ex-Boyfriends. Cover of a Dwarves song. Set.

10: The KKK Took My Baby Away - Cool Millions
The Dwarves cover the Ramones under the pseudonym 'Cool Millions' (for some unknown reason).. Originally released on the 2003 Ramones tribute Song Ramones the Same. Set.

11: This Jihad - Blag Dahlia
Sounds like it's just Blag with an acoustic guitar. All listings I've found list this one as such.

12: Dominator (Radio) - Dwarves
Radio version of their track from The Dwarves Must Die.

13: Want You Bad (Remix) - Dexter Holland
The singer from the Offspring doing what sounds like a Backstreet Boys cover - In full boy-band glory. I have no idea what this is or where it's from, but everybody seems to agree that the listing belongs to Dexter.

14: Shit's It - Sgt. Saltpeter
Another track from an occasional Dwarves member. Fecal-focused country ditty that everyone credits to (or blames on) the Sargent.

15: FEFU (Clean) - Dwarves
Another track from The Dwarves Must Remix 12" EP. Set.

16: Blast (InstruMental) - Dwarves
Instrumental version of the song from The Dwarves Must Die.

17: Take Me To Your Leader - The Desert Sessions
Blag's contribution to Josh Homme's musical collective. Originally appeared on Desert Sessions Volume 6. I don't have the original of this one, but this sounds like a studio re-recording. Blag's definitely singing on this one.

18: Killa Cali - Get the Hater
Not 100% on this one, but I'm pretty damned sure that this is the hip-hop side project of Blag, DJ Marz and Luke Sick (Get the Hater). The interweb agrees.

19: Down By the River - Dwarves
Originally off of the 1993 Anybody Out There single. Set.

20: Don't Hate Me - Elmo Webber
So sez the internet.

That's what I've got, and it's good enough for me (for now). The maddening thing about this is all of the absolute dead-ends I chased in trying to flesh this one out. Of all of the bands listed only a few really fit. Persephone's Bees was a total nothing - The only Coyote Ridge I could find was a golf course - KEZF is a fucking radio station - And I couldn't find one damn thing on the Fursmen.
Oh well.


Chris B. said...

Great stuff. I just heard the new Queens of the Stone Age CD and they've lost me. Desert Sessions was cool but a little long in the tooth (too much meandering) and the last two Queens records are more like remixes of QOTSA sound effects than actual, coherent albums. I think the real magic happened on "R" and Songs for the Deaf before Oliveri (sp?) split the scene.

Prairie Dawg said...

Yeah, these guys are always one of my favorite parts of the WILTs.

chris b, QotSA is a band that will have a killer Greatest Hits someday. I thought the last one was underrated a bit, but this new one...I was hot on it at first, but now not so much.

edP said...

QUOTSA will be long as Sarah Silverman makes another guest appearance on the extended DVD package.

DC Liar said...

QotSa went straight into the shitter after Oliveri left for Mondo Generator (post Songs for the Deaf).

DC Liar said...

They're dead.

edP said...

What of Blood of the Wolf?

DC Liar said...