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L&E Record Geek Public Service Listing #3

M.O.T.O. Demo Cassetes (Part One)

The band Masters of the Obvious (MOTO) has been around for well over 2 decades now, but most of their full-length releases are really hard to find demo cassettes. Paul (from the band) has started to transfer those cassettes over to CDRs, and some of them are available from their website, or at their live shows.
Needless to say, it's fucking impossible trying to track down cover art or track-listings for these releases.
Obsessive-compulsive record nerd to the rescue! I have about half of these CDRs - Here are the track-listings and album art for those:

ST. JOHN THE BASTARD (2000)Tracks:
1. Birthday Present To Myself
2. Primeval
3. Piano Jazz Radio
4. How Come He Gets To And I Dont
5. Now
6. Choking On Your Insides
7. Wise Words
8. Worm In The Sky #2
9. In Your Mind
10. Its Easy
11. Top Of The World
12. Stay At Home
13. Guess Again
14. Big Emotional Life
15. Something To Pass The Time
16. If Nobody Else Will
17. Looking At The World Today
18. I Walk
19. Till We Blow The Speakers Out
20. Girl Girl Inhale
21. Black Girl With Blonde Hair
22. Elaine Get Off My Mind
23. Dance Dance Dance Dance Dance To The Radio
24. Magazine
25. Lovers Landfill
26. But Of Course
27. Blast Of Silence
28. Love All Over The World
29. No Way Street

TERRAMOTO (1998)Tracks:
1. Riding On A Bus
2. Do Elvis For Me
3. Hard On Rock'n'Roll
4. Spit On The Sun
5. When Do We Get Paid
6. I Think Of You And I Die
7. Here Comes My Heart
8. Underneath An Awning In The Rain
9. We Are The Rats (Orig.)
10. Overtime Express
11. It'll Be Me (It'll Be Me!)
12. The Saturday Guy
13. Deliver Deliver Deliver
14. She Said She Said She Said
15. I Know You Gotta Do
16. Radio Wall Of Phlegm
17. I Am A Bomb
18. I'll Be Right There
19. Close Enough
20. Corner Of My Eye
21. River Of Death
22. Rock'n'Roll All Day
23. Catamaran
24. Only Love Can Heal The Pain
25. 1822

1. All Set
2. Spinning Globe Spinning Planet
3. World Of Fuzz
4. Birthday Present To Myself
5. 2-4-6-8 Rock And Roll
6. Hey What House Does The Whore Live In
7. Let’s Nail It To The Moon
8. She’s Gone Nuts
9. Worm In The Sky #2
10. In Your Mind
11. I Walk
12. Blow The Speakers Out
13. What’ll Happen When The Noise Goes Off
14. Looking At The World Today
15. I Just Wanna Go
16. If Nobody Else Will
17. I Hate My Fucking Job
18. Some Thing
19. Girl Girl Inhale
20. Someone’s Gonna Get Their Head Chopped Off
21. Suburban Fighting Crest

AMPEG STUD (1996)Tracks:
1. Gagging On The Edge Of Love
2. Choking On You Insides
3. Wise Words
4. Meet Me By The Flagpole
5. The Things We Said And The Things We Did
6. Doing The Things We Want To Do
7. Making Love For The Rest Of My Life
8. Everyone You Meet
9. Benighted We Stand
10. Used Underwear
11. I Won’t Give Up Until You’re Mine
12. Cincinnati
13. Blazing Speed
14. Always
15. How Come He Gets To And I Don’t?
16. Now
17. Heart Of Hearts
18. Magazine
19. I Wanna Get You On
20. But Of Course

E PLURIBUS M.O.T.O. (1993)Tracks:
1. I'm On Your Side I'm On It
2. Straighten It Out
3. It Tastes Just Like A Milkshake
4. Everybody Knows
5. Cubbyhole
6. Live On The Edge
7. I Wanna Stick Myself
8. Go Straight To Hell
9. Cancer In My Dick
10. Twilite Zone
11. Transformoto
12. Floating On A Cloud Of Love
13. I'm Not Feeling For You
14. Dreadterror Horrorterror
15. Fate Takes A Stool
16. Annie-Claude
17. Reading The Book Of My Life
18. Hot Stuff Poop
19. Original Party Savior
20. Last Supper
21. Mike Tomeny - King Of Kings
22. Upramp Of Your Love
23. I've Never Been To Me

MOTOERECTUS (1987)Tracks:
1. Motoerectus
2. Leo Buscaglia Evening
3. Man Woman And Child
4. Bright Sunshiny Skull
5. The Sorrow And The Pity
6. The Queens Dick
7. One Good Dose Of Nyquil
8. I Can’t Get By Can’t Do It
9. Anatomical Gift Statement
10. Whistle Through Your Ears
11. Die Tonight
12. Fuck Tonight
13. Screwed Up Situation
14. Just The Kinda Guy I Am
15. She Got Everything
16. Price of Love
17. Motodemo

BOLT (1986)Tracks:
1. Dick About It
2. Boredom In Action
3. California In The Summertime
4. Do You Remember
5. I Brake For Spades
6. Big Black Boots
7. Sometimes I Get The Feeling
8. Catholic World
9. Month Of Sundays
10. Destroy The Earth
11. Astronauts
12. Social Scene
13. Walk Don't Walk
14. Duty Child
15. Killer Shrews
16. Bending Over Backwards
17. I Fell Ill
18. Veterans' Day
19. Sickle Cell Express
20. Buckingham

1. Art School Beach
2. Well Dressed Man
3. Give Me Food
4. Do The Dip
5. Midnight At The Guantanamo Room
6. Brain Trust
7. Beat The Beef
8. The Razor’s Edge
9. Supermarket
10. Uptown Square
11. Soul Mass
12. Prefabricated
13. Penisenvypogostyx
14. Every Day Of The Week
15. The King

That's it. Once I track down the other 9 'cassette' CDRs I'll put up Part 2. Look for it sometime in the next five years or so.


Anonymous said...


Paul Caporino

Brad said...

Ill see if i can fnd the cassettes and scan them in - the new cdr covers for the tapes are different- all great.

MOTOPAC said...

BOLT & E PLURIBUS MOTO were re-issued on LP on Rerun Records last fall (Pluribus has a somewhat different cover). They're available at

Also, Rerun will be re-issuing MOTOERECTUS & AMPEG STUD on LP soon as well. The MOTOERECTUS cover will be like the original cassette, as the Scorpions' record company probably won't like us using their artwork, however distorted.

Thanks again for posting these!


Paul Caporino

MOTOPAC said...

By the way, are you on Facebook?