Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What I'm Listening To - Summer 2007

Hooray! The Summer 2007 WILT is here.
This is the 8th one I've done, and last WILT of Series Two. In observation of this questionable milestone, Here's a quick 'What I'm Listening To' retrospective.
Series One
Series Two
Summer (the post you're reading now)
Was Dick Van Patten right? Is eight enough? Well, I'll leave it up to you blog-monkeys to decide.
If you want 'em, I'll keep making 'em. If not, I'll probably still make 'em, but just squirrel 'em away in my attic. That'll learn ya.

Cover = Photoshopped Picture of The Girl + Background Photo

Liner Notes:
1) Chixdiggit! - Brunette Summer
from the 1998 album Born on the First of July
I cut this track from the last Summer WILT just so I could use it to lead off this one. It was worth the wait.
2) The Riverdales - Look Me Up
from the 2003 album Phase Three
Ben (Weasel) Foster, Dan (Vapid) Schafer, and Dan Lumley rock out another awesome track off of their third LP.
3) The Dwarves - Fuck 'Em All
from the 2001 album How To Win Friends and Influence People
This track is a re-recording of the classic track from the 1991 Sub Pop album Thank Heaven for Little Girls.
4) Snuff - Arsehole
from the 1998 album Tweet Tweet My Lovely
I'd like to think of the preceding Dwarves track as my theme song, but (in all honesty) this one falls much closer to the true mark.
5) Against Me! - Bastards of Young
from the 2006 tribute We'll Inherit the Earth
I picked up this Replacements tribute for the Drag the River track, but am diggin' the whole disc. This is a great cover from Gainsville's finest.
6) Armchair Martian - Truce
from the 1997 Self-Titled release
Okay, it's official: Drag the River is dead and gone. The up-side? It looks like Armchair Martian is back and touring. Woo-Hoo!
7) The Falcon - Feed The Monkey, Drown the Worm or Goin' Home
from the 2004 album God Don't Make No Trash or Up Your Ass with Broken Glass
This is a great track from the debut EP of an indie-rock super-group featuring members of The Lawrence Arms, Alkaline Trio, and Rise Against. Go Chicago!
8) The Queers - Brian Wilson
from the 2007 album Munki Brain
I was gonna put a Beach Boys track up on this one, but then decided to go with a Queers track named for the wayward singer instead. It works for me.
9) The Verve - The Drugs Don't Work (Demo)
from the 1997 import single The Drugs Don't Work [#2]
Blame my old D-Town roommate Sean for the occasional Brit-Pop track that happens to pop-up on my comps. Here's a prime example.
10) Cop Shoot Cop - The Queen of Shinbone Alley
from the 1995 import single Any Day Now +3
One of my all-time favorite b-sides. This one is way out of print, and the only link I could find for it looks kinda sketchy.
I dare you to click it... or are you chicken? Bawk, Bawk, Bawk.
11) Wiseblood - Grease Nipples
from the 1991 EP P.T.T.M.
Yet another J.G. Thirlwell project. If you liked the Foetus, Steroid Maximus, or Manorexia tracks, you'll probably like this one to. If not, go to hell.
12) Electric Six - Rock & Roll Evacuation
from the 2005 album SeƱor Smoke
Here's another Electric Six track to sexy up your summer.
13) Calliope - Last Caress
from the 2005 compilation Mean it Man
A touchy-feely emo cover of a Misfits song. How could I not include this?
14) Fuckemos - Wimpy Band
from the 1997 album Celebration!
I've really wanted to include a Fuckemos track on one of these comps for awhile. They always got bumped. It just so happens that this one fits perfectly right here. Lucky you.
15) Nami Tamaki - Wasurenaikara
from the 2004 album Greeting
I tried my damnedest to keep this off the last handful of WILTs, but finally caved-in and stuck it on this one. I LOVE this song, but it is cheesy as all hell. It's a J-Pop techno interpretation of "Twinkle, Tinkle Little Star".
This song will be stuck in your head like an errantly shot rail-road spike for months to come. I'm sooo sorry.
16) The Copyrights - Stuck in Summertime
from the 2007 album Make Sound
A perfect summertime track from the brand-spankin'-new Copyrights album.
17) Beatnik Termites - I Don't Wanna Hang Around
from the 1996 album Bubblecore
This is one of my all-time favorite warm-weather crusin' around town bands. One part Beach Boys, one part Ramones, and one part Alvin & the Chipmunks. Awesome.
18) Teenage Bottlerocket - So Far Away
from the 2005 album Total
Once the Lillingtons disbanded, most of the band members went over to this one. This is off of their first full-length.
19) The Methadones - Far Away
from the 2003 album Career Objective
I've blathered on enough about how great this band is. 'Nuff said.
20) Naked Raygun - I Don't Know
from the 1985 album Throb Throb
I'm so fucking glad that I made it back to the Raygun show last April. They've been in heavy rotation since. Here's an old one.
21) Dillinger Four - Super Powers Enable Me to Blend in With Machinery
from the 1998 album Midwestern Songs of the Americas
Ditto. Same show (as above), different band.
22) Turbonegro - High on the Crime
from the 2005 album Party Animals
While looking for a link for this album, I realized that the Turbonegro boys have a new album coming out and should be touring to promote it.
Trust me, it's one show you won't want to miss. Those motherfuckers are SHOWMEN.
23) Bad Astronaut - San Francisco Serenade
from the 2006 album Twelve Small Steps, One Giant Disappointment
For the most part, I had this comp set over a month ago, but had a hell of a time squaring the end. It kept going long and the end never seemed to mesh. At the last minute, I pulled a couple of tracks and threw this one (off of the last album) on. Perfect.
24) Jason Webley - It's Not Time to Go Yet
from the 2004 album Only Just Beginning
The damned comp still went long - This one cuts off, but you're not really missing anything except for silence, a couple of bell tolls, and more silence. Feel free to add that in at the end with your imagination.
Yeah, it's been a busy week and I kinda half-assed my way through this post. Times is tough, deal with it.

You all know the deal by now. Here's the breakdown:
- These are actual 'hold in your hands' CDs (just like there were before iPods)
- It's free, yes FREE
- I'm only doing 50 of these
- It's first come, first served
- To get one, shoot your MAILING address to dclies(at)gmail.com
- Enjoy


edP said...

The Drag the River cover of Portland on that record is great. Can't wait to hear the Bastards of Young on the WILTs

Kim said...

Looking foward to the Bad Astronaut and Methadones for sure - I've also been playing "A Message to Pretty" from one of the WILTs over and over.

It's been a non-stop WILT summer for me.

Chris B. said...

I just found an old Dwarves record in my collection. I had a really excellent Chicago Punk compilation from the very early 80's that I can no longer locate. Might have been "borrowed" over the years.

Also, while Rush was my first concert ever (at the Rosemont Horizon), Naked Raygun was my first "show" shortly thereafter. I think I was 15 which would have been just after Throb Throb was released. I'm not sure how I was able to con my folks into letting me go but it was a mind-bending experience.

"machine guns blaring,
an Arab staring,
wondering why,
the Westerners are there..."

DC Liar said...

What was the name of the Chi-comp?

edP said...

I believe that compilation album was Punk You. I think I got derunk w/ MrB in the Luxor (the real one) and he played it for me. I bitched and bitched about what a stupid name for a record it was but then after 3 or 4 tracks I said "Ok this shit rocks pretty hard"

Punk You is also a comp named on the wiki entry for the Dwarves.

I checked my facts, I'm lible to be kicked off the internets if I pull another stunt like that

edP said...

Oh, I didn't steal your record Chris. Well, not that record.

DC Liar said...

Punk You is a mid 90's EMI comp of late 70's/early 80's UK punk bands.

Pretty good comp, but not Chicago related.

Man, I'm lame.

edP said...

Not as lame as a guy who thought he checked his facts but still got it wrong.

Chris B. said...

Worse yet - I never had a record called "Punk You".

The Chicago comp was called Busted at Oz - found it at the Punk Vault, in fact. Unfortunately, I still can't find it in my piles of records. I have another comp called "Burning Ambitions" with some Brit punk, too. Oh, and my favorite - "Urgh, A Music War."

In looking up that Oz comp on the Punk Vault, I rambled across a record by the Defoliants. I LOVED them!! Haven't thought about them since the 80's. Crazy.

Chris B. said...

p.s. - I don't think anyone "stole" my records. I know I lent them out to anyone who was interested. I've found a couple of LPs I know I didn't buy in my collection as well. I guess I didn't have a real idea of how much I'd miss them when they were gone...

DC Liar said...

I have the 'Busted at Oz' LP.
I picked it up for the Raygun stuff, but the whole record is damn good.

Kim said...

It's here -- thanks!
How 'come my copy didn't smell like cigs and booze like Chris "Lucky Pants" B's?

Then again, I probably smell like cigarettes and wouldn't have noticed.

ladydi said...

oh, yes please!!!

that would be
102 s. seward street
winnebago, il 61088

please?!?!? i'll send you stuff you ~ shooty!!