Sunday, July 29, 2007


I'm making this offer half drunk and wholly serious. I'm noticing that the entirety of the D-Town contingency has either no or half-assed Blogger icons.
If anyone wants me to do a custom photo shoot/Photoshop session while I'm back, I'd be happy to do you the favor free of any charge (I may drink some and/or all of your liquor-stuffs in the process, but that's incidental). I'll have my laptop and some time to kill, so if anyone wants a custom icon let me know.
And to clarify before everyone starts asking; only one of you can use WilliamT's naked ass as an online avatar - Bill has first shot at that one.


Chris B. said...

I think there may have been a trade that actually gives Ed first rights to Bill's ass. I'm sure you'll hear all about it one or two posts from now.

garv said...

Due to Ed's songwriting copyrights, "Bill's Butt" and all variations thereof are the intellectual propriety of one Elwood Loose Pussy, a.k.a. Ed.

That said, you will have to ply me with a lot of drinks to get me to agree to a photo shoot.

edP said...

Don't even get me started about Bill's butt and US copyright law...

I've been sued by everyone from Sinatra to Semisonic...and some artists that don't begin with the letter S.

edP said...

Also, I am no longer allowed to have intellectual property after my idea for a DeKalb-themed drive thru corn on the cob place called DK Cornblasters.

It was only slightly worse than my proposed airline...Air Qaeda. "You are now free to kill the godless, Western infidel"

garv said...

Okay, I think I officially want my butt back.

edP said...

You can have it. I've had an army of lawyers on retainer just to keep it this long. Here! I hope you choke on it.

Your ass.

Your own ass.


ladydi said...

I would *loves* an icon integrating the "DeKalb corn"sign with something "Record Rev"!!!

Some Bob Way or Boyd would just be bonus!!